Research Spotlight

Brian Korgel

Director of Industry/University Cooperative Research Center on Next Generation Photovoltaics

The way Chemical Engineering Prof. Brian Korgel sees it, imparting knowledge to his students, while vitally important, is only one aspect of his job.

Jon Olson

Professor & Department Chair, Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering | Cockrell School of Engineering

While the contentious debate over hydraulic fracturing in oil and natural gas production rages on, UT Austin Prof. Jon Olson quietly and expertly conducts research...

Jay Banner

Executive Director, Environmental Science Institute

The quick laugh and gleam in Jay Banner’s eye reveals an unbridled passion for science that stirs from deep within...

Susan D. Hovorka

Senior Research Scientist, Bureau of Economic Geology | Jackson School of Geosciences

Sue Hovorka’s first brush with geology came as a small child when she and her sister plucked brachiopod and crinoid fragments from the gravel driveway outside...

Varun Rai

Assistant Professor of Public Affairs & Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Varun Rai decided years ago to focus his attention on some of the biggest questions facing our world – namely, the status of today’s global energy system...

David Spence

Professor, McCombs School of Business | School of Law

The interrelated and multi-layered nature of topical energy issues, ranging from economics and technology to geopolitics and the environment, is often cited as a prime example...

Melinda Taylor

Senior Lecturer, School of Law | Executive Director, KBH Center for Energy, Law & Business

Throughout her career, Melinda Taylor has sought inventive solutions to sensitive environmental issues by seeking a middle ground that all sides can live with...

Erich Schneider

Associate Professor, Cockrell School of Engineering

As Texas and other states across the country grapple with how to respond to federal rules calling for a dramatic reduction in CO₂ emissions from power plants...

Sheila Olmstead

Associate Professor, LBJ School of Public Affairs

For some people, the pursuit of one’s calling culminates in a singularly creative phase; when hard work and good fortune unite, giving rise to a voice...

Bob Hebner

Director, Center for Electromechanics

Bob Hebner thought he wanted to be a lawyer...