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Educating tomorrow's energy leaders


The Energy Institute helps train the energy leaders of tomorrow by encouraging the availability of energy-related courses in schools and departments across campus. The Institute also oversees the interdisciplinary Graduate Portfolio Program in Energy Studies, which gives students a broad picture of the energy field from an overall policy perspective.

Each spring and fall semester, the Energy Institute hosts the UT Energy Symposium, a weekly guest lecture series featuring experts from academia, government and regulatory agencies and the non-profit world. The Institute also works with a student-run energy club and energy researchers throughout the University to organize UT Energy Week, an annual conference that provides a platform for leading experts in academia, government, industry and the non-profit world to explore cutting-edge energy research, emerging trends, new technologies and other developments in energy topics.

Two students and a professor in dialogue during UT Energy Week 2017

Graduate Portfolio Program in Energy Studies (GPPES)

The Graduate Portfolio Program in Energy Studies (GPPES) takes an interdisciplinary approach designed to give students a broad picture of the energy field that considers energy issues from an overall policy perspective, based on an understanding of the technological and environmental pressures involved.

Sheila Olmstead speaks at UT Energy Symposium

UT Energy Symposium

In an effort to provide a multi-disciplinary platform for UT faculty and students to interact on the most pressing energy issues facing our world, the Energy Institute sponsors the UT Energy Symposium (UTES), which will enter its twelfth semester in spring 2017.

three panelists in conversation at UT Energy Week 2017

UT Energy Week

The Energy Institute co-hosts an annual gathering of energy experts from academia, industry, government and the non-profit world to explore vital energy issues and provide a forum for faculty members and students to showcase their research.

Energy Ventures Practicum

This advanced entrepreneurship course goes beyond general entrepreneurial concepts to address special challenges faced in the energy industry and related sectors. The goal of Energy Ventures is to educate entrepreneurs through hands-on practical experience. Ideas from students, labs, and companies are pitched to the class in the first two weeks of the Spring semester. Student teams then choose the ideas they like and, over the course of the semester, develop viable plans for commercializing the idea.