Research Spotlight

Wendy Wagner

Professor, School of Law

As a child growing up in the suburbs outside Chicago, Wendy Wagner knew early on that she wanted to devote her life to protecting the environment.

Carey King

Research Scientist & Assistant Director, Energy Institute

Summers are hot and slow in Temple, Texas, the small town up the road from Austin where Carey King grew up. To pass the time, he and his brothers built several skateboard ...

David Adelman

Professor, School of Law

In a way, David Adelman is a classic example of the East Coast kid who goes West in search of greener pastures.

Cliff Frohlich

Senior Research Scientist & Associate Director, Institute for Geophysics | Jackson School of Geosciences

Reared in a family steeped in the Humanities, geophysicist Cliff Frohlich reflected early on that it might be wise for him to look elsewhere for his life calling.

Ross Baldick

Professor, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering | Cockrell School of Engineering

As a kid growing up in Sydney, Australia, Ross Baldick was always good at math. By the time he was seven years old, when he began experimenting with an electronics kit...

Gürcan Gülen

Research Scientist & Senior Energy Economist Center for Energy Economics | Bureau of Economic Geology | Jackson School of Geosciences

As a student who excelled at math and science – while also learning French and English...

Delia Milliron

Associate Professor, McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering | Cockrell School of Engineering

From an early age, UT Austin Chemical Engineering Prof. Delia Milliron knew she wanted a career in scientific research – it was really a matter of figuring out what interested her...

Jorge R. Piñon

Director, Latin America and Caribbean Energy Program, Jackson School of Geosciences

As interim director of the Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy in the Jackson School of Geosciences...

Michael Young

Senior Research Scientist & Associate Director for Environment Division | Bureau of Economic Geology | Jackson School of Geosciences

Michael Young is one of those people who figured out his life’s trajectory at a very early...

Juan Ontiveros

Associate Vice President for Utilities, Energy and Facilities Management

As the man behind the machines that power UT Austin’s campus, Juan Ontiveros has developed quite a reputation – not only among his peers on other college campuses...