GPPES Eligible Courses

Updated to include Fall 2016 Courses (1) Core Requirements

Course Number Course Name Instructor
PA 188S UT Energy Symposium Beach/King
EER 396 / CHE 384T / ME 382Q-4 / MAN 385 / PA 388K / ME 379M Energy Technology and Policy Edgar/Webber/Beach/Tuttle

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Course Number Course Name Instructor Last
LAW 397S / BGS 380 / CE 397 / ME 397 / PA 388K / EE 394V Energy Development and Policy Adelman F16
LAW 441L Environmental Law Adelman F15
EE 394V Restructured Electricity Markets Baldick S15
IB 391 / MAN 385 Dir Std Global Management UT/China Beach S15
FIN 294 8 Financial Strategy for Energy Firms Beach S15
ORI 390R 17 / ORI 397 Decision Analysis / Decision Analysis II Bickel S15
ME388H Nuclear Safety and Security Biegalski K. S15
ME388C1 Nuclear Reactor Engineering / Nuclear Power Engineering Biegalski S. S15
EER 396 / LAW 397S / PA 388K Solving Environmental Problems Brown J. F13
PA682GA & GB Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Busby F13 / S14
FIN 394 Financial Strategy for Energy Firms Butler F16
GEO 391 Climate Change: Current Lit Dickinson F16
GEO 391 Climate Systems Discussion Dickinson S15
LAW 397S Electric Power Law Diffen S13
STA 287 Business Analytics and Decision Modeling Dyer S15
LAW 397S International Petroleum Transactions Dzienkowski F14
PA 388K Renewable Energy Technology Eaton F15
ARC 350R Light and Sustainable Design Fajkus F16
GEO 387P Climate System Physics Fu S15
ARC 386M Regenerative Architecture Garrison F16
PA 388K Economics, Innovation and Security Gholz S14
PA 682 GA &GB Energy and Security Gholz F14 / S15
LAW 397S Energy Law and Policy Hays F16
GEO 386R / EER396 5 Geology of Earth Resources Kyle F16
ME 389C Nuclear Environmental Protection Landsberger F16
ME 397 Modern Trends in Nuclear and Radiation Engineering Landsberger S15
EER 396 / PGE 383 Energy Finance Malik S15
EER 396 / PGE 383 46 International Petroleum Concessions / Agreements Malik S15
ME 386Q 14 Electrochemical Energy Materials Manthiram S15
ME 382R Combustion Engine Processes Matthews S15
ARC 386M Society, Nature and Technology Moore S15
LAW 397S Environmental Impact of Dev/Prod Nix F16
CE 397 Energy Simulation in Building design Novoselac F16
CE 397 Building Energy Management Systems Novoselac S15
PA 393L Environmental/Resource Economics and Policy Olmstead F16
EER 396 / PGE 382 Basic Geological Concepts for Engineers Olson S15
CRP 383 / GRG 396T / LAR 385 Environmental Impact Assessment Paterson F14
LAR 385 Sustainable Sites Initiative Pieranunzi F12
PA 393L / EER 396 Political Economy of Global Energy Rai F14
PA682GB Conflict Int: Global solar Ind Rai S13
EER 396 / PA393L Innovation/Diffusion Energy Technologies Rai S15
CRP 383 Environmental Policy and Law Rawlins S15
CHE 384 Greenhouse Gas Control Technology Rochelle S14
FIN 297 8 Energy Derivatives / Financial Risk Management Ronn S14
FIN 397 43 Energy Financial Risk Management Ronn F14
ECO 395K Energy and Environmental Economics Ryan S15
EE 394V Analysis of Power Systems with Renewable Energy sources Santoso F15
EE 394 Modeling and Simulation of Wind Power Plants Santoso F13
ME 389F Nuclear Fuel Cycle Schneider F16
LAW 390 / LAW 397S Oil and Gas Law Smith F16
LAW 379M Wind Law Smith F15
MKT 382 Business and the Environment Sonnier S15
EER 396 / LEB 380 31 / PA 388K Energy Law Spence F16
CE 397 Water and Energy Werth S15
LAW 397S Wind Law / Texas Wind Law Wetsel / DeWolf S15
ARC 386M Energy Modeling and Design Procedures Whitsett S15
ARC386M Solar Geometry and Energy Flow in Buildings Whitsett F16
CE 397 Renewable Energy/Environmental Sustainability Xu S15
CRP 383 Sustainability History and Practice Young F13
CRP 383 Green Cities: Creating the Living City Young F13
CRP 383 Resource Management / Recycling Young S15
ME 397 Nanotechnology for Sustainable Energy Yu F15
PA 388K Energy Policy/Economic Issues Zarnikau F16
1 Requires Calculus, Differential Equations and some Physics
2 Note prerequisites for this course
3 Needs strong background in Finance, Economics and/or Engineering Economics
4 Prior knowledge of finance required
5 Offers two versions, one of which is for Law students only.
6 Needs background in energy issues in buildings.



  1. The courses listed above have been accepted by the Faculty Steering Committee of the Graduate Portfolio in Energy Studies (GPPES) as meeting the requirement for approved energy-related coursework. Other energy-related courses may count towards the requirement, at the discretion of the GPPES Graduate Advisor. Students are encouraged to submit their own lists of courses to the Graduate Coordinator, who will consult with the GPPES Graduate Advisor as to their suitability.
  2. Only graduate level courses may count towards the coursework requirement. Some departments allow senior undergraduates to take graduate level courses, typically under a separate unique course identifier. These courses are acceptable provided the student registers under a graduate level unique identifier.
  3. Registration in any course is at the discretion of the instructor, who may refuse registration to any student.
  4. The list has been updated to match the fall 2015 course schedules and includes courses that have been taught since the spring semester of 2012. No guarantee is given that any given course will be offered in future. Students should check the accuracy of the information with the course instructor.