Driving Natural Gas Systems to Reduced GHG Emissions

Driving Natural Gas Systems to Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

This project developed a first-of-its-kind demonstration of a network of sensors to monitor methane emissions across an oil and gas production region. The methane monitoring network will use advances in methane-sensing technologies and data analytics to provide near continuous monitoring of emissions. The project extends prior work and is the second of three planned phases, together known as Project Astra. Phase 1, already underway and predating FSET, is testing and evaluating sensing technologies. Phase 2, which FSET funds, involves building a high-resolution digital simulation (digital twin) of the network, and using that digital twin to design the sensor network and data analytics. Phase 3 is planned, which would involve construction of the prototype network. Funding discussions for phase 3 are underway. Project Astra partners include the Environmental Defense Fund, ExxonMobil, Gas Technology Institute (GTI), Microsoft and Pioneer Natural Resources Company.  

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