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Advancing Innovative Research

The University of Texas at Austin has long been renowned for research related to the state’s iconic oil and gas industry. Today, university researchers are pioneering innovative ways to produce energy from these traditional sources in an environmentally responsible manner, while also leading groundbreaking research into new technologies that cover the entire spectrum of energy.

University scientists, engineers, and other researchers are engaged in research across an array of energy topics and fields of study. Experts work closely with industry, government, non-profit organizations and others to improve the production, delivery and consumption of energy.

UT Energy Research Funding by Topic

The University of Texas at Austin attracts more than $70 million in funding to conduct cutting-edge energy research in more than two dozen academic units and research centers.

Energy Funding at The University of Texas, 2009 – 2015 (in Millions of Dollars)

Funding for energy research

UT Austin scientists, engineers and other researchers are engaged in basic and applied research across a broad array of topics. These experts work closely with industry, government, and non-profit organizations to improve the delivery and transformation of energy.

Funding of research projects at UT Austin comes from a variety of sources, including government agencies such as the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation, energy companies, private donors, and NGOs.

UT Energy Research Centers

School of Architecture
Center for Sustainable Design

Austin Technology Incubator
ATI Clean Energy Incubator

McCombs School of Business
Energy Management and Innovation Center

Environmental Science Institute
Environmental Science Institute

Texas Advanced Computing Center
Texas Advanced Computing Center

School of Law
Kay Bailey Hutchison Center for Energy, Law, and Business (KBH Center)

Cockrell School of Engineering
Center for Electromechanics

Center for Energy and Environmental Resources

Center for Frontiers of Subsurface Energy Security

Center for Next Generation Photovoltaics

Center for Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering

IGERT Sustainable Grids

Solar Energy and Renewable Fuels Laboratory

Webber Energy Group

LBJ School of Public Affairs
Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy (joint with Jackson School of Geosciences)

Jackson School of Geosciences
Advanced Energy Consortium

Bureau of Economic Geology

Center for Energy Economics

Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy (joint with LBJ School of Public Affairs)

Climate Systems Science

Latin American Forum on Energy and the Environment

College of Natural Sciences
Center for Electrochemistry

Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC:CST)