Tariff on foreign solar modules likely won’t slow down growth in U.S. installations

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February 27, 2018

The Trump Administration’s recent imposition of tariffs on foreign-manufactured solar modules could dampen growth of the U.S. solar industry, writes Energy Institute Research Associate Josh Rhodes, but any slowdown in solar installations is likely to be relatively modest and short-lived. Rhodes notes that the U.S. solar industry generated $154 billion in economic activity in 2016, bringing the total installed solar capacity nationwide to more than 50 gigawatts – the equivalent generating capacity of 50 commercial nuclear reactors. The industry directly or indirectly employs about 370,000 people nationwide, with solar photovoltaic installers making up about half of this workforce, Rhodes notes. In fact, solar PV installer is currently the fastest-growing job in the nation, with a median annual salary of nearly $40,000. For more, read Rhodes’ entire op-ed in Forbes and view his related appearance on KXAN-TV.

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