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August 30, 2019

A new website co-founded by University of Texas School of Law professor David Spence and supported by the Energy Institute is offering a unique platform for thought-provoking analysis of the tradeoffs associated with the energy transition. features conversations and posts by scholars and practitioners whose work addresses the difficult tradeoffs associated with the green energy transition. It is aimed at facilitating a deeper understanding of these issues, include energy reliability, energy affordability, and the environmental impacts of energy production, as well as political and other concerns. 

Already, the site has compelling commentary from over 30 experts grappling with how to manage the challenges inherent to the worldwide transition to a next-generation energy mix, such as:

  • How do we accurately measure both the externalities and out-of-pocket costs of the energy transition?

  • How and when should the government intervene to ensure that a transition to a greener energy mix gives us the balance we want between reliability, affordability, and environmental performance?

  • Will high adoption of renewables pose reliability tradeoffs for grid systems and consumers?

  • What impact will the energy transition have on private property law and regulations?

The site will also launch a moderated discussion board in the fall for energy policy professionals and academics focused on these questions.

Along with Dr. Spence, law professors from the University of Colorado, University of South Carolina, and Southern Methodist University lead the site’s governance and management.