UTES: Global Energy Impact of a Developing China; and India?

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This week at the UT Energy Symposium, Dr. Fred Beach will give a talk titled "Global Energy Impact of a Developing China; and India?"

Dr. Beach is the Associate Director for Energy & Technology Policy at the Energy Institute. He is responsible for supervising and conducting research and studies related to the interplay between the development of Energy Policy, Environmental Policy, and Technology Policy. Dr. Beach also teaches Energy Technology Policy and International Energy Policy in the Cockrell School of Engineering, The LBJ School of Public Policy, and the McCombs Business School.

Prior to joining The University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Beach served for twenty-five years in the United States Navy where he was a qualified Submariner, Naval Aviator, Surface Warfare Officer, and Acquisition Professional. Since retiring in 2003 he has also served as a consultant on defense-related topics for the U.S. Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group, MITRE, Naval Research Advisory Committee, Naval Research Laboratory, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the Defense Science Board.

Dr. Beach holds a Ph.D. from the LBJ School of Public Policy, University of Texas at Austin an M.S. in Physics from the Naval Postgraduate School, and a B.S. in Chemistry with a minor in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. He is also a graduate of the Defense Acquisition University and Certified Level III DoD Acquisition Professional and Program Manager.

Abstract: China’s rapid development since 2000 has had several consequences; perhaps the most impactful from a global perspective is the countries rapid growth in energy use. As China continues to develop, the trend in energy use is likely to continue in pace with economic development for at least the next few decades. The hanging question then, is if, and when, will India begin a similar development arc and commensurate increase in energy use? This talk will explore the energy portfolios of both countries while also comparing and contrasting the two in an attempt to gain insight to possible futures.

The UT Energy Symposium meets every Thursday during the long semesters. Come early to attend a networking session before the talk: refreshments will be served at 4:45 p.m. in the POB Connector Lobby outside the auditorium.

Sessions are recorded and available here.

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April 5, 2018, 5:15 to 6:15 p.m.
Avaya Auditorium, POB 2.302 | 201 E 24th St, Austin TX, 78712
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