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Bill Flores, Vice-Chair and Independent Board Member, Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT); Former Member of Congress—U.S. House of Representatives (2011-2021)

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William H. “Bill” Flores is an entrepreneur, business leader, and public policy leader.  While serving in board governance and senior c-level leadership positions in the energy space, bill helped create and/or save hundreds of jobs while generating billions of dollars of value for investors, including public company shareholders, private-equity investors, public sector pensions, and retirement funds.  This experience includes domestic and international leadership roles in the formation, financing, building, restructuring, and mergers & acquisition activities of successful publicly traded and privately held enterprises.  During his service as representative for the 17th congressional district of Texas during the 112th through 116th congresses (2011 through 2021), bill served on the following committees—house energy & commerce committee, house budget committee, house natural resources committee, and house veterans affairs committee.  His work on behalf of constituents and organizations, particularly those related to veterans and job creators, resulted in numerous recognitions for public service.  Following retirement from congress to focus on family and private sector governance positions, bill has again become active in service on corporate and non-profit boards.  The most recent recognition of his experience as an effective leader in governance roles is illustrated by his appointment as an independent board member of the electric reliability council of Texas (ERCOT).  This appointment was made pursuant to the Texas legislature’s restructuring of the organization’s governance following winter storm Uri in 2021.  At ERCOT, he currently serves as vice-chair of the board, and chair of the finance & audit committee.  Bill’s education includes a BBA with honors in accounting from Texas a&m university in college station and an MBA from Houston baptist university.  He is also a licensed CPA and pilot.  Bill is married to gina and resides in Bryan, Texas.  They have two adult sons and four awesome grandchildren.  His hobbies are flying and snow-skiing. 


Government policy makers and regulators around the world have enacted numerous initiatives in attempts to mitigate climate change.  These policies often fail to respect the unwavering laws of nature, particularly when it comes to energy and electricity – generating mixed, often adverse results, without offsetting positive impacts on emissions.  We will review real world examples of these flawed policies and their adverse impacts.  Our discussion will conclude with key elements that should be respected when creating energy and climate policies.

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Nov. 8, 2022, 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.
EER 3.646 or via Zoom
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UT Energy Symposium