Energy Prices and the World Economy

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James Hamilton, Professor, Economics, University of California San Diego 

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James D. Hamilton is the Robert F. Engle Professor of Economics at the University of California at San Diego and co-editor for Quantitative Economics. He has published widely in econometrics, macroeconomics, energy economics, and finance, and received the 2014 award for outstanding contributions to the profession from the International Association for Energy Economics. He is also a Fellow of the Econometric Society, the Journal of Econometrics, the International Association for Applied Econometrics, and the Society for Economic Measurement, and a Research Associate with the National Bureau of Economic Research.  


Ten of the 12 recessions in the United States since World War II were preceded by an increase in the price of crude petroleum. Are events of 2022 about to bring the count up to 11 out of 13? This talk will review the theory and evidence about how energy supply disruptions can affect the overall level of economic activity with a focus on understanding the role of recent developments in energy markets in the current economic slowdown.


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Oct. 25, 2022, 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.
Locations: Live Stream Online (Zoom and YouTube)
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UT Energy Symposium