CO2CRC’s Otway Facility: An Enabler for Effective CO2 Storage

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*Note: This talk will be presented remotely via Zoom and on the Energy Institute's YouTube channel. See access details after the bio.

Bio (Matthias Raab): Dr. Matthias Raab is CO2CRC’s Chief Operating Officer, an experienced manager with international credentials in successful, high profile and complex projects in industry and academia. He has 24 years of experience in commercial and R&D environments with major sector clients. As COO, Dr. Raab has strategic and operational responsibility for CO2CRC’s research facilities, research programs and the delivery of major research and infrastructure projects. He manages a group of Senior Program, Project and Operations Managers and provides leadership to CO2CRC’s strategic planning and implements new strategic initiatives. Dr. Raab’s overall portfolio includes the $45M research program in Carbon Capture and Geological Carbon Storage, the CO2CRC Otway Field Facility, the Stage 3 Expansion of the Otway Project and the $51.6M infrastructure grant awarded to CO2CRC under the Education Investment Fund. In previous roles, Dr. Raab managed Australia’s largest 2D marine seismic survey in Bass Strait, led the Victorian CCS initiative exploring for industrial scale CO2 storage in the Gippsland Basin and was a Project Manager building and documenting the border between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Yemen.

Bio (Maxwell Watson): Dr. Maxwell Watson is CO2CRC’s Senior Manager – Technology Development. He has 20 years' experience in petroleum & CCS, working in academic, industry and R&D management sectors. Dr. Watson is accountable for planning, executing & implementing strategy across CO2CRC, with a particular focus towards applied CO2 and H2 storage technology demonstration. His work enables CO2CRC to translate innovative, user driven technologies from bench to field scale. Dr. Watson is Australia's Delegate for the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum, a Ministerial-level international climate change initiative. Previously, he has held various research positions at The University of Adelaide, examining geochemical and risk management processes for CO2 storage, and at BP in their London CCS business unit, undertaking risk based project development processes and applying this to emerging CCS projects.

AbstractCO2CRC’s Otway Facility has been the centerpiece of CCUS technology advancement in Australia over the past 15 years – testing and developing national CCUS R&D capabilities, informing policy and regulatory settings and conducting community education. It provided a critical contribution to the process of applying and maturing CCUS technologies, enabling scalable and transferable technology development. The facility, with the addition of our Otway Stage 3 Project, will enable CO2CRC’s demonstration of optimal storage technology solutions and pave the way for commercialization of CCUS technologies. CO2CRC currently accesses world leading experts in CCUS, across industry, government and research institutions. This combination of applied R&D capability and successful field validation has established CO2CRC as a trusted technical focal point and knowledge hub for the CCUS community in Australia and internationally. CO2CRC is currently building on these strengths to convert the facility into the Otway International Test Centre (OITC), positioned as a catalyst for advancing CCUS innovation. CO2CRC is seeking to engage research institutions and technology developers internationally to collaborate and trial technologies at this comprehensive facility. The OITC will progress technology innovations, improving their effectiveness and translation to the CCUS industry. Future users can demonstrate and validate CCUS technologies at a realistic scale, leading to industry deployable solutions.

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Date and Time
Oct. 6, 2020, 5:15 to 6:15 p.m.
Online via Zoom Meeting and YouTube livestream
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UT Energy Symposium