Climate Investing x Diversity

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Vida Asiegbu

Principal, Investor, Energy Impact Partners

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Vida Asiegbu is a Principal at Energy Impact Partners (EIP), where she deploys capital to the early-stage venture ecosystem. She has an added focus on increasing the number of diverse founders who are leading businesses within the energy transition. Her work includes deploying equity and credit capital and investing in funds. Vida brings forth her experience investing in diversity through her active portfolio management and work on the Board of Directors for ChargerHelp! and Audette and as an LP Advisory Committee Member to Kapor Capital.


As society contemplates the effects of climate change and the measures required to combat its progression, are we at risk of leaving communities behind? Initiatives such as Justice 40 have been instated federally to support forms of investment in disadvantaged communities and private investment in a diverse climate ecosystem is in effect. This talk will discuss the actions some in the Venture Capital arena are taking to create a link to, and access for, a broader, diverse community in the energy transition.

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Date and Time
Oct. 3, 2023, 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.
In Person EER 3.646 or Stream Online (via Zoom or YouTube)
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UT Energy Symposium