Nanostructured Composite Foil Anodes for Lithium-ion Batteries

Nanostructured Composite Foil Anodes for Lithium-ion Batteries

The lithium-ion battery is one of the most centrally important technologies of the 21st century. This project team is developing a radically new approach to high-energy lithium-ion batteries with a new class of electrode material, i.e. nanocomposite foil (NCF) anodes. Currently, all commercial lithium-ion batteries are made with graphite anodes. The scalable NCF technology would entirely replace graphite, enabling cheaper, safer, and higher energy batteries.

Successfully translating this novel material into a commercially viable system will require diverse viewpoints. This project deliberately composed a multi-disciplinary team with expertise spanning from atomistic to industrial scale, aspiring to design new and advanced materials, develop more accurate theoretic models of battery performance, and holistically assess the impact of the technology on the life cycle of the battery. All this work will serve to accelerate the translation of NCF anodes into a useful and socially responsible technology.

Figure 1: Framework of Interdigitated Eutectic Alloy
B.T. Heligman, K. Kreder III, and A. Manthiram, “Zn-Sn Interdigitated Eutectic Alloy Anodes with High Volumetric Capacity for Lithium-Ion Batteries”, Joule, 2019, DOI:

Research Outputs

K. Shah, A. Subramaniam, L. Mishra, T. Jang, M. Z. Bazant, R. D. Braatz, and V. R. Subramanian, “Challenges in Moving to Multiscale Battery Models -Where Electrochemistry meets and demands more from Math,” ECSarXiv, 2020.

S. Sharma and A. Manthiram, “A. Towards More Environmentally and Socially Responsible Batteries,” Energy and Environmental Science, 2020.

Project Team

Arumugam Manthiram, Cockrell Family Regents Chair in Engineering; Director, Texas Materials Institute; Director, Materials Science and Engineering Program

Venkat Subramanian, Ernest Dashiell Cockrell II Professor of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering & Material Science Engineering, Texas Materials Institute

Gyeong Hwang, Matthew Van Winkle Regents Professorship in Chemical Engineering

Jeffrey Hales, Charles T. Zlatkovich Centennial Professor of Accounting, McCombs School of Business

Kumar Muthuraman, H. Timothy (Tim) Harkins Centennial Professor; University Distinguished Teaching Professor; Faculty Director, Center for Analytics and Transformative Technologies