UT Energy Journalism Fellowship

The Energy Journalism Fellowship at the University of Texas at Austin is designed to give an energy journalist the opportunity to work on a long-form energy writing project of their choosing in proximity to UT Austin’s 300+ renowned energy experts.  The one-year Fellowship at Austin is jointly sponsored and hosted by the university’s Energy Institute and School of Law.

As an Energy Journalism Fellow, recipients are expected to take full-time residence at UT Austin and should not hold other jobs concurrently.  Under the official title of “Research Fellow” recipients will earn an annual salary of $65,000 with benefits as authorized by the Texas legislature.  Fellows also will have a travel budget of $3,500 to work on their book or other project, will be issued a laptop computer for the duration of the Fellowship, will have full library and internet access, and will be provided workspaces at either the Energy Institute and/or the School of Law.

During the term of the Fellowship, recipients are expected to list their affiliation as an Energy Journalism Fellow at UT Austin for publications and speaking engagements.

While the principal goal of the Fellowship is to serve as a sabbatical that provides recipients time to work on their writing project without the pressure of daily deadlines and other burdens, the Fellowship does require recipients to fulfil certain obligations.

As a rough guideline, about one half-day each week will be dedicated for Energy Institute and School of Law projects, with the remainder reserved for Fellows’ research and writing.

Under the university’s application process for the 2017-18 Fellowship, candidates must:

  • Be recognized as a credentialed journalist with a solid body of published work in energy / environmental science;
  • Have up to 10 years’ experience working for a prominent regional, national or international news outlet;
  • Submit a detailed outline or treatment of a major work in the field of energy / environmental science, such as a book or screenplay;
  • Be willing and able to take a year off from current position; and
  • Agree to fulfil obligations during one-year Fellowship (details below).

Candidates must agree to fulfill the following commitments during the Fellowship:

  • Give two to three guest lectures each semester to classes in Journalism and other schools / departments
  • Deliver a presentation during the Thursday evening UT Energy Symposium guest lecture series in the Fall 2017 or Spring 2018 semester
  • Speak at the Energy Institute Advisory Board meeting (October 2017 or April 2018)
  • Speak during the UT Energy Journalism Workshop (September 2017) and help identify energy journalists to invite to Workshop
  • Speak or moderate a panel at UT Energy Week (February 2018)
  • Advise on strategies for enhancing visibility of Energy Institute in the news media
  • Author or co-author two or three op-eds or general interest articles
  • Author one or two blog posts each month
  • Advise faculty/staff about possible white paper topics
  • Author or co-author one or more white papers
  • Attend periodic staff meetings